Basic Training Module
Course Objective
SPEAK ENGLISH Basic module is tailor made for the beginners who need to understand the Basics of English Speaking. Participants can learn basic grammar and sentence formation skills. The course also has Group Discussion, E-mail writing and Basic Presentation Classes to help building confidence thus preparing the students to face interviews and being career ready.
Course Benefits
1. Improve your grammar 
2. Improve vocabulary
3. Improve sentence formation skills
4. Remove hesitation.
5. Being able to communicate in English with confidence in your day to day life.
6. Being career ready
Points to be covered
1. Noun, Pronoun, Adverb, Adjectives, Tense and other grammar basics
2. Building Vocabulary, Sentence Construction, Basic Writing Skills
3. Everyday Com Skills or Small Talk - shopping, meeting a friend, visiting the doctor etc.
4. Basic Extempore and Group Discussions, E-mail Writing Skills
5. Manners & Etiquettes, Confidence building and Presentation Skills
6. Resume Writing, Interview questions and answers
Communication Training Module
Course Objective
SPEAK ENGLISH Communication Training module is tailor made for participants who already have a basic working knowledge of English and need to upgrade their sentence formation skills, vocabulary, Public Speaking abilities and Fluency of speech. The course has special emphasis on writing skills in various forms which helps in removing Grammatical Errors and improves thought formation, resulting in better English Speaking Fluency. Group discussion, Extempore, Public Presentation classes along with many innovative English Speaking activities help in culling nervousness and building and boosting confidence in participants.
Course Benefits
1. Remove Grammatical Errors from writing as well as English Speaking
2. Improve vocabulary
3. Improve complex sentence formation skills for refined English Speaking and Fluency
4. Remove Stage fright, Group Speaking and Public Speaking hesitation
5. Improve posture and Body Language
6. Being able to communicate in English with clarity and precision. Achieve confidence in your day to day life and workplace.
7. Being ready to move to next level in your career.
Points to be covered
1. Refresher Grammar classes covering Basic Grammar, Verb & Tense
2. Upgraded Vocabulary building, Complex sentence construction activities, Idiom, phrases and proverbs 
3. Barriers to Fluent Communication, Speaking and Listening Effectively 
4. E-mail, Business Correspondence and Writing Skills - To improve sentence and thought formation
5. Reading Skills (Focus on syllable stress, intonation, & pitch) 
6. Group Discussion, Extempore and Public Presentation classes 
7. Get rid of nervousness and build confidence through various Speaking activities 
8. Resume writing, Personal Interview Techniques and Mock Interview sessions 
 Advanced Training Module 
Course Objective
SPEAK ENGLISH Advanced Training module is suited for participants who are familiar with uses of English language in their day to day lives through listening to class lectures, writing exams, using English at workplace or other means, but still lack in English Speaking ability. The learners need to work on improving their vocabulary along within English Writing, Listening and Reading skills which would lead to improved thought formation and better English Speaking Fluency. They also need to engage in many innovative live thought formation activities such as Extempore, Pair Activities, Group Discussion and Topic Based Presentations to improve fluency in English Speaking. The module encourages the participants to use English in their day to day lives. Improved confidence helps to handle nervousness of public speaking and tackling complex interviews and being ready for the next bigger move in their career.
Course Benefits
1. Remove Grammatical Errors and bridge the gap between writing and speaking in English.
2. Develop an all round Vocabulary to Speak Fluently
3. Learn advanced sentence formation skills.
4. Remove hesitation and get the required confidence to begin using English in day to day speaking requirements. This is what we call Small Talk.
5. Remove Stage fright, Group Speaking and Public Speaking hesitation through numerous innovative Speaking Activities.
6. Move to the next level in your career.
Points to be covered
1. Introduction to English as a Language and most effective way of learning Spoken English
2.Advanced Grammar Classes covering Basic of Noun, Pronoun, Adverb, Adjectives, Tense and other grammar usage in sentence formation 
3. Advanced Grammar Classes with emphasis on Verb & Tense and their uses in English Speaking 
4. Upgraded Vocabulary building, Upgraded/complex sentence construction activities, Idiom, phrases and proverbs
5. Barriers to Fluent Communication, Speaking and Listening Effectively 
6. E-mail, Business Correspondence and Writing Skills - To improve sentence and thought formation 
7. Reading Skills (Focus on syllable stress, intonation, & pitch) 
8. Group Discussion, Extempore and Public Presentation classes
9. Killing nervous ness and confidence building through various Speaking activities 
10. Resume writing, Personal Interview Techniques and Mock Interview sessions 
SPEAK ENGLISH Group Discussion and Personal Interview Training
Group Discussion is a methodology used by an organization to gauge whether the candidate has certain personality traits and/or skills that it desires in its members. In this methodology, the group of candidates is given a topic or a situation, given a few minutes to think about the same and then asked to discuss the topic among themselves for 10-15 minutes.
Some of the personality traits and qualities the Group Discussion is trying to find may include.
1. Ability to take initiative
2. Ability to work in a team
3. Communication Skill
4. Interpersonal Skills
5. Analytical/logical thinking ability
6. Leadership Skill
7. Assertiveness
8. Flexibility and creativity.

Group Discussion is one of the most popular and effective tool used during MBA college admissions, Bank recruitments and almost in all other organizations recruitment process. It evaluates your abilities to work in a team and engage constructively with other participants as most of the time you would be working in a team for a common goal of the organization.
Our GD & PI training provides an in-depth knowledge of Do’s and Don’ts during an actual GD.SPEAK ENGLISH Academy has remarkable understating of processes of a professional GD which gives students an edge over competition. We cover multidimensional GD topics during our training from various domains such as
1. Factual topics.
2. Controversial topics.
3. Abstract topics.
4. Case Based GDs.
SPEAK ENGLISH Personal Interview Techniques
An interview is a selection process which enables employer to view the total individual and directly appraise his/her behaviour. It is the method by which an idea about the applicant’s personality can be obtained by a face to face contact. The information about the candidate which cannot be obtained from the application blank, tests and group discussion; can be obtained if the interview is planned well in advance and is conducted by the interviewer tactfully.Personal interview is usually the last and final evaluation done by any college or organization to decide upon the candidate. It is a process where they judge different aspects of your personality.
Some common parameters to judge the candidate are as below:-
1. Confidence level
2. Ability to take decision
3. Attitude
4. Strengths
5. Weaknesses
6. Interest level for the applied position
7. Motivation/Clarity of thoughts to join the organization
8. Long term goals of the candidate
Some common questions asked during an Interview
1. Tell me about yourself?
2. What are your strengths?
3. What are your weaknesses?
4. Why do you want to work for us?
5. Where do you want to see yourself in 2-5 years?
6. Do you prefer to work by yourself or as part of a group?
SPEAK ENGLISH Interview Techniques Training prepares you holistically to handle various interview scenarios. Our training process covers below points to prepare you for the upcoming challenges.
1. Detailed analysis of Curriculum Vitae and suggestions. 
2. Power dressing.
3. Interview Etiquettes.
4. DO’s & Don’ts in an interview.
5. Pre-training mock interview.
6. Common and difficult interview questions, smart replies.
7. Post training mock interviews by industry experts.
8. Feedback sessions.
SPEAK ENGLISH Corporate Training
SPEAK ENGLISH Academy has a dedicated team to work seamlessly with business organizations, school, colleges and various associations to impart Spoken English and Soft Skills training to their employees, associates and business partners. We follow an advanced delivery module and methodologies in conjunction with the HR team to produce outcome based on the personalized and strategic requirement of the corporate.
Our Corporate Training Program is highly customised in terms of content and delivery.The training outcome could be improving the Communication Skills like Soft Skill,Interpersonal Skill or various Corporate Skills such as Telephone Etiquettes, Email writing Etiquettes, Team Work Etiquettes, Negotiation Skills of the employees.
SPEAK ENGLISH Corporate Training program covers below areas:
1. Spoken English Training
2. Soft Skills Training
3. Interpersonal Skills
4. Body Language
5. Time Management
6. Business English
7. Business Communications
8. Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication.
9. Assertive Communication
10. Public Speaking & Presentation Skills
11. Email Writing Etiquette
12. Telephone Etiquettes.
13. Business Etiquettes.
14. Team Work Etiquettes.
15. Corporate Manners
16. People Management
17. Conflict management
18. Negotiations skills
19. Customer service Skills
20. Handling challenging customers/Objection handling
Some of our Corporate Training clients
Pinnacle Infotech and NPTI Durgapur logo
Talk to our Corporate Training Team for customised training module as per the requirement of your organisational objective.
International English Language Testing System or IELTS is your gateway to all the major English speaking countries. If you want to study, work or migrate to countries like England, USA, Australia, New Zealand or Canada, knowing impeccable international English is of paramount importance and IELTS is the tollgate you need to pass through to book your berth in these countries. This is where SPEAK ENGLISH Academy comes in. We at SPEAK ENGLISH Academy prepare you on multiple platforms so that you can clear IELTS with ease. Here’s what you can achieve with our scientifically designed course:
1. Hone your English language skills at all levels.
2. Speak and write English like a vernacular.
3. Be an effective communicator in face-to-face conversations in English.
4. Develop positive body language and effective soft-skills.
5. Successfully clear any English language toll-gate test across the globe.

Armed with the above skills you can be sure of clearing IELTS.
Happy Learning! 
Business English
Course Objective
Do you aspire to become a team manager and attain a rewarding career in your organisation? If the answer is yes then you need to fortify yourself with a broad spectrum of communication skills. The key to becoming an effective leader in any organisation is to become an effective communicator and this is where we come in.
Guaranteed Result
Post completion of this course our students are not only equipped with verbal and non-verbal skills but they also become confident public speakers. When you can make people listen, you can make them execute your plans.
Who Need to Undergo Our Course
1. Team Managers, who want to be crisp with their communication and sharp with their execution. 
2. Corporate houses, looking to shape the employees of today into managers of tomorrow.
3. B2B and B2C sellers, who need that magic tool to sell more.
Course Content
Our scientifically designed course content emphasises on practical hands on training as much as on literature. We give you: 

1. Text books to guide you through.
2. Video modules (for classroom viewing only).
3. Simulation of practical scenarios.
4. Hands on guide to Business Presentation and Email Writing.
5. A detailed analysis and training on Body Language and Business etiquettes.
6. Tools to becoming and effective public speaker.
Personality Development with GDPI
Are you sure about your English grammar and vocabulary but not so sure about your public speaking skills? Then this course is for you. In this day and age, having a pleasing personality and superlative public presentation skills are extremely important for any individual to gain acceptability in the corporate environment. This is exactly where we come in. With this course you can learn the following things: 
Public Speaking
1. Learn the fundamentals of public speaking. In case you didn’t know, non-verbal communication plays a vital role in public speaking. We emphasise on both the aspects of public speaking – verbal and non-verbal. 
2. Hone your presentation skills. After all, we judge the book by its cover before even opening it!
3. Learn to write effective speeches. History is witness to the fact that the world has always been conquered by speeches from legendary orators
4. Throw speech impediments like fumbling, stuttering and lisp out of the window.
5. Become conversant in public speaking on Current Affairs.
6. Understand the nuances of body language. Learn the differences between negative and positive postures and what to avoid or follow to get your opinion through with ease.
7. Emphasize on GAP : Grooming, Attitude and Personality Development
Mock Interview Sessions
Because we know that you want to be prepared for any scenario! We simulate different interview environments including the really tough ones. 
Customised Courses
We do understand the needs of students with special requirements. After all, the same pair of shoes may not fit two different people! Hence we constantly customise our courses to suit the needs of each student. Students’ requirements are gauged at the entry level and the courses are moulded around them. Some of the key features of our customisation techniques are: 
1. Individual assessment tests: 
Assessment tests are given after carefully analysing the skill-sets of each individual student. This way the weaknesses become strengths and the strengths become formidable.
2. Specially Designed Modules:
 Our years of experience have taught us that understanding student psyche is the key to designing course modules. You will find our course modules informative, yet easy to grasp.
3. Selective Module Selection: 
Based on our assessment methods we suggest appropriate modules to our students. No two students with dissimilar acumen are given the same modules.
4. One to One Interaction: 
Only a one-to-one interaction can reveal the intricacies of the human mind. Here we routinely have one-to-one interaction with our students to understand their needs better. To us each student is special!  
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