Advanced Training Module
Course Objective
SPEAK ENGLISH Advanced Training module is suited for participants who are familiar with uses of English language in their day to day lives through listening to class lectures, writing exams, using English at workplace or other means; but still lack in English Speaking ability. The learners need to work on improving their vocabulary along with English Writing, Listening and Reading skills, which would lead to improved thought formation and better English Speaking Fluency. They also need to engage in many innovative live thought formation activities such as Extempore, Pair Activities, Group Discussion and Topic Based Presentations to improve fluency in English Speaking. The module encourages the participants to use English in their day to day lives. Improved confidence helps to handle nervousness of public speaking and tackling complex interviews and being ready for the next bigger move in their career.
Course Benefits
  • Remove Grammatical Errors and bridge the gap between writing and speaking in English.
  • Develop an all round Vocabulary to Speak Fluently
  • Learn advanced sentence formation skills.
  • Remove hesitation and get the required confidence to begin using English in day to day speaking requirements. This is what we call Small Talk.
  • Remove Stage fright, Group Speaking and Public Speaking hesitation through numerous innovative Speaking Activities.
  • Move to the next level in your career.
Points to be covered
  • Introduction to English as a Language and most effective way of learning Spoken English 
  • Advanced Grammar Classes covering Basic of Noun, Pronoun, Adverb, Adjectives, Tense and other grammar usage in sentence formation
  • Advanced Grammar Classes with emphasis on Verb & Tense and their uses in English Speaking
  • Upgraded Vocabulary building, Upgraded/complex sentence construction activities, Idiom, phrases and proverbs
  • Barriers to Fluent Communication, Speaking and Listening Effectively
  • E-mail, Business Correspondence and Writing Skills - To improve sentence and thought formation
  • Reading Skills (Focus on syllable stress, intonation & pitch)
  • Group Discussion, Extempore and Public Presentation classes
  • Killing nervousness and confidence building through various Speaking activities
  • Resume writing, Personal Interview Techniques and Mock Interview sessions