Communication Training Module 
Course Objective
SPEAK ENGLISH Communication Training module is tailor made for participants who already have a basic working knowledge of English and need to upgrade their sentence formation skills, vocabulary, Public Speaking abilities and Fluency of speech. The course has special emphasis on writing skills in various forms which helps in removing Grammatical Errors and improves thought formation, resulting in better English Speaking Fluency. Group discussion, Extempore, Public Presentation classes along with many innovative English Speaking activities help in culling nervousness, building and boosting confidence in participants.
Course Benefits
  • Remove Grammatical Errors from writing as well as English Speaking
  • Improve vocabulary
  • Improve complex sentence formation skills for refined English Speaking and Fluency
  • Remove Stage fright, Group Speaking and Public Speaking hesitation
  • Improve posture and Body Language
  • Being able to communicate in English with clarity and precision. Achieve confidence in your day to day life and workplace.
  • Being ready to move to next level in your career.
Points to be covered
  • Refresher Grammar classes covering Basic Grammar, Verb & Tense
  • Upgraded Vocabulary building, Complex sentence construction activities, Idiom, phrases and proverbs
  • Barriers to Fluent Communication, Speaking and Listening Effectively
  • E-mail, Business Correspondence and Writing Skills - To improve sentence and thought formation
  • Reading Skills (Focus on syllable stress, intonation & pitch)
  • Group Discussion, Extempore and Public Presentation classes
  • Get rid of nervousness and build confidence through various Speaking activities
  • * Resume writing, Personal Interview Techniques and Mock Interview sessions