Basic Training Module
Course Objective
SPEAK ENGLISH Basic module is tailor made for the beginners who need to understand the Basics of English Speaking. Participants can learn basic grammar and sentence formation skills. The course also has Group Discussion, E-mail writing and Basic Presentation Classes to help building confidence thus preparing the students to face interviews and being career ready.
Course Benefits
1. Improve your grammar 
2. Improve vocabulary
3. Improve sentence formation skills
4. Remove hesitation.
5. Being able to communicate in English with confidence in your day to day life.
6. Being career ready
Points to be covered
1. Noun, Pronoun, Adverb, Adjectives, Tense and other grammar basics
2. Building Vocabulary, Sentence Construction, Basic Writing Skills
3. Everyday Com Skills or Small Talk - shopping, meeting a friend, visiting the doctor etc.
4. Basic Extempore and Group Discussions, E-mail Writing Skills
5. Manners & Etiquettes, Confidence building and Presentation Skills
6. Resume Writing, Interview questions and answers
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